Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is is the #1 source for FREE minecraft alts. 99% of our accounts should work, if not, just generate another one. We are a FREE minecraft account (alts) generator. Most of our accounts are unbanned from big servers like hypixel. We recheck our accounts regularly, this way we provide our users with the best service possible and the best quality.

  • Can I advertise on FreeAlts.PW?

    You can! Shoot us an email at [email protected]

  • Is legit?

    Yes it is! has been around for years! Unlike other websites, we do not charge our users a penny, it's completely risk-free, so why not give it a try?

  • How can I play Minecraft & listen Spotify using accounts from FreeAlts?

    You can use our minecraft accounts very easily once you have downloaded the Minecraft Launcher

  • Are the alts really free?

    Yes, all minecraft & spotify alts accounts provided by are 100% free, no creditcard, no nothing. How? Freealts is kept up by serving ads.

  • How can I use my own account again?

    Simply disconnect or switch in the Minecraft Launcher

  • Is FreeAlts completely legal?

    Yes it is! So many people are falsely claiming that our service is "illegal" or against some type of EULA, which is simply not true. All of our accounts are provided by the specified accounts owners, bought at the original game site or bought from resellers. Don't believe what people falsely claim to make FreeAlts look bad.