Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is FreeAlts.PW able to give out Minecraft Accounts & Minecraft Alts for FREE?

    FreeAlts.PW has been around since 2017, consistenly providing FREE Minecraft Accounts. Unlike other websites such as TheAltening and FastAlts, we do not charge our users a penny, so why not give us a try?

  • What makes FreeAlts.PW better than TheAltening & FastAlts?

    Unlike TheAltening and FastAlts, we do NOT charge our users a penny, nor do we require you to download an Authenticator. Who would want to do that?!

  • Are the Minecraft Accounts & Minecraft Alts actually FREE?

    Yes! All Minecraft Accounts & Minecraft Alts that are provided by FreeAlts.PW are 100% FREE. How? FreeAlts.PW is kept up by serving advertisements.

  • Can you get in trouble from using FreeAlts.PW?

    There's no reason to worry about using our FREE Generator. Every Minecraft Alt & Minecraft Accounts that is generated on our website is 100% legal for you the consumer and user.

  • Can I still use my own Minecraft Account?

    Simply log out or switch in the Minecraft Launcher

  • Who owns FreeAlts.PW?

    FreeAlts is owned and managed by Alts.TOP, the leading Minecraft Alts Shop.

  • What is FreeAlts.PW?

    FreeAlts.PW is a FREE Minecraft Account & FREE Minecraft Alts Generator that does what FreeAlts and TheAltening do, but for totally FREE, and better.

  • Where can I get free Minecraft Alts?

    If you're looking for Free Minecraft Alts, FreeAlts.PW is your go-to solution.

  • What is the best alt generator for Minecraft?

    When looking for alt generators, there's FreeAlts.PW, TheAltening, and PizzaAlts, however FreeAlts.PW is the best solution as it is completely free and gives you login details instead of authenticators.

  • Can you make an alt minecraft account without paying?

    FreeAlts.PW offers Alt Accounts for Minecraft completely free of charge.